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What are the cut-off times?

All events will have 4 hours for participants to cross the finish line.

What wave should I sign up for?

Competitive Wave –  This wave should be chosen if you are a more experienced athlete looking to be seeded in Wave 1 and compete for the first overall place only. The recommended finishing time to compete in this wave is 1:25:00.

  • Only racing for Overall Award
  • Not eligible for Age Group Awards
  • Not eligible to qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals

Age Group Wave – This wave should be chosen by the majority of our athletes. You will be seeded in a start wave based on your age.

  • Racing for both Overall Award and Age Group Awards
  • Eligible to qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals

Buddy Wave – The Buddy Wave is our last wave to go in the water and it includes participants that are a little more wary of the water and want more time and space to complete their swim. This wave also allows you to use your own floatation devices to assist you in the swim. Pool noodles will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

  • Not eligible for overall awards
  • Not eligible for age group awards
  • Not eligible to qualify for USAT Age Group Nationals

What if I cannot make Early Packet Pickup and the Expo?

We offer a late packet pickup option race morning. It runs from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m on race morning. You must contact us ahead of time if you're unable to pick-up on Saturday. Please email raceday@racedayevents.com for late packet pickup

Where does each race take place?

The races will start on the beach side of Lake Andrea and finish on the trail on the side of the RecPlex Building.

What is the weather usually like?

Enjoy the August summer with a triathlon event at Prairie Springs Park. The average air temperature during this time is 70 degrees. Water temperatures for the lake along the shore is usually in 70 to 80 degrees in the summer. Water temps will be updated race week and again on race morning.

Why is there no rain date?

Triathlons are expensive and complex events to organize, involving local permits, police, support and coordination. Doing this type of event is very difficult and we are permitted for one date only.

What is a race packet? Can someone pick it up for me?

A race packet is your formal race number and any accompanying goodies that come with it. This race number is how the race staff and safety personnel keep track of you on race day. Your number needs to be visible throughout the event. You will be body marked with your number, you will be given a number to wear on the front of your body on the run and a helmet sticker to wear on the front of your bike helmet and your bike number on your bike center or seat post. Only you can pick up your race packet.

When can I rack my bike?

Bike racking is required on Saturday during packet pickup hours, between 1:00pm - 7:00pm. This is to help congestion the morning of the race and to ensure an one-time start. We offer a late packet pickup option race morning. It runs from 5:30 a.m. to 6:30 a.m on race morning. You must contact us ahead of time if you're unable to pick-up or rack on Saturday. Please email raceday@racedayevents.com for late packet pickup/racking.

What gear do I need to do the race?

You need a bike and certified helmet, running/walking shoes, goggles, athlete wristband, and your race number. We also suggest, a change of clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, socks, extra fluids to drink pre-race and during transition and a towel.

Do I need a wetsuit for this race

Following USAT rules – wetsuits will be allowed up to 78 degrees water temp. After 78 degrees to 84 degrees you can wear a wetsuit but you will not be eligible for age group awards. Please note we will do an official water temperature reading on race morning to determine if the swim will be wetsuit legal.

Is there on-site registration?

If the event is not sold-out online, we will take walk-up registrations during packet pick-up times on Saturday on a first come, first-served basis. There will be NO race day registration.

Can I get a refund or defer my race?

This race does not offer refunds or deferrals. If you are registered for the event, you agreed to the no refund and no deferral policy prior to submitting your online registration. This includes those who experience illness, injury or any other condition that may prevent them from participating in the event

What are the age requirements?

Athletes must be 12 years of age on race day to participate in the Sprint Triathlon.

What are the age group breakdowns?

We will have 12 age groups: 12 - 19; 20 – 24; 25 – 29; 30 – 34; 35 – 39; 40 – 44; 45 – 49; 50 – 54; 55 – 59; 60 – 64; 65 – 69; 70 + You must be 12 years or older to participate in the triathlon.
  • Triathlon: The first Overall winner and the top three in each Age Group will be presented with an award.
  • Duathlon: The first Overall winner and the top three in each age Group will be presented with an award.
  • Relay Teams: The first Overall 2 person relay team and first overall 3 person relay team will be presented with an award. Winners must be present to receive award.

When is the award ceremony?

We try to wait until the last racer is off the course to start awards but we may start awards before then. We have tentatively planned for the awards to be around 10:00 a.m. You must be present to get your award.

What time do I need to arrive on race day?

At least 90 minutes before the race starts. The key is you need to be at the event venue to allow yourself time to park, set-up transition and be ready by the first wave start for the event.

Who and what is allowed in transition?

Only participants are allowed inside transition at any time. You are only allowed to check in your helmet and shoes when you check in your bike on Saturday. Bring your bag and any food and/or liquids on race morning to set at your transition. Racking your bike is encouraged on Saturday, as this will save you time come race morning, however bike racking will be allowed Sunday morning.

Where does my bib and timing chip go?

Please affix your race bib to the FRONT of your shirt or with a race belt. We need to see that bib number at all times on the run. Do not wear the race bib during the swim. Your timing chip will be attached to your ankle with a adhesive that is on the chip. When you pick up your race packet, there will be directions on the envelope. No timing chip, no finish time!

Can I bring my phone/music on course?

The use of personal music devices is not allowed at this race. To enjoy all that our race has to offer and for the safety of all participants, this event is a headphone-free environment during each leg of the race. Participant safety has always been, and will continue to be, a top priority for our event. Please be mindful of the other participants and respect the race personnel to ensure a safe and enjoyable race for everyone.

Where do I get on/off my bike?

When you come out of the swim, run to your bike, put on your helmet and race gear and unrack your bike. RUN WITH YOUR BIKE OUT OF TRANSITION AT THE BIKE EXIT . When you cross the MOUNT/DISMOUNT line you can get on your bike. When you return, you will need to get off your bike again before crossing this line. It is well marked and easy to see. Run with your bike back to the bike rack and re-rack your bike, get your run gear and head out the RUN EXIT.


You can find USAT rules here.

I have questions about Event insurance - Where can I get information?

Click here for information on insurance for this event.
  • How do I sign up for event insurance? Add-on coverage is offered during the checkout process when signing up for this event. You will be given the option to add or decline coverage with one click. Note: If you decide to decline coverage, you will not be able to go back and add it after registering.
  • Did you purchase event insurance and now need to use it or just have a question? Submit and contact FanShield (RegShield) here.

What happens if my bike breaks and I can't finish the race?

Notify a race official or bike mechanic on course and we will do our best to get you back up and biking. If you are unable to keep biking we will transport you back to transition as soon as possible. If transported, this will result in a DNF, however, we will allow you to continue on the run portion if you’d like.